About Me

I love nature, learning, and sharing what I’ve learned with others.

Picture2  I’ve been very fortunate to combine these three passions throughout my career. I am currently working as the Research Manager for Sable Island Institute where I am helping with their collaborative project with Parks Canada, Fences in the Sand. Prior to that, I completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Toronto where I studied the urban ecology of bats, along with bat sociality and learning. On my journey to this point of my career, I first studied fish behaviour  for my BSc and have since been studying bat behaviour, ecology, and conservation for my MSc and PhD. To do this, I have  spent a lot of time hiking through forests and prairies chasing bats to  better understand their behaviour and habitat needs in an effort to better  protect them. As an environmental consultant, I spent my days snowshoeing and flying around in helicopters looking for wildlife, and my nights listening for, and catching, bats to help inform best practices for the oil, gas, and wind energy sectors. More importantly, I’ve been sharing what I’ve learned in my role as a biology instructor, as well as through community outreach and through scientific publications.

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Let nature be your teacher ~ Wordsworth