Teaching & Student Success


I have over 15 years of experience teaching at the undergraduate level. As an instructor and teaching assistant in first-year and senior-level biology courses, I have covered a range of concepts, including plant and animal diversity, anatomy, and physiology, as well as animal behaviour, ecology, and evolution. I am dedicated to providing engaging and high quality education by drawing from current research and using active learning tools, such as clicker technology, discussion, writing, and oral presentations. Also, I completed the Dalhousie University Certificate in Teaching and Learning and I attended several of the Dalhousie Conferences on University Teaching and Learning to explore tools and techniques to facilitate student learning. My passion and enthusiasm for teaching are demonstrated by positive student evaluations and the receipt of a teaching assistant award. For more details about my teaching philosophy, please feel free to contact me. And for more details about my teaching experience, please see my cv.

Courses Taught:

  • Introductory Biology I
  • Introductory Biology II
  • Principles of Biology II
  • Behavioural Ecology
  • Behavioural Ecology & Sociobiology

Student Success

Writing Tutor & Advisor

I am also dedicated to providing students with tools to become effective writers. I worked as a writing tutor and advisor for 7 years. During this time, I worked one-on-one with native and non-native English speakers to help them with all aspects of writing, from planning to revising their work. I also developed and presented more than 20 writing workshops, as well as created online writing resources.

International Student Success

I also served as Project Coordinator for the International Student Support Strategy Working Group at Dalhousie University. My role was to facilitate meetings and consultations with students, faculty, and staff to develop a strategy for improving international student experience and success.

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