June 15, 2015

Bat burrito anyone?

Bat burrito anyone? Photo: C. Guy

I am a big brown bat (Eptesicus fuscus). I am an older mom, which you can tell based on my tooth wear. You see, because I really love eating hard, crunchy beetles, my teeth get worn down over time. My friends would probably say I am quiet, calm, and patient.  When I was caught, I was wrapped up like a burrito in a knee high so I could be weighed on a scale. I was caught very early in the night before I had a chance to eat much, so I only weigh 19 g. Also, because I’m nursing my baby right now, which uses up a lot of my fat, I weigh less than some of my friends.

Check out my Bling!

Check out my Bling! Photo: C. Guy

Check out my fancy new radio-transmitter that will be used to track my movements to find my roost and the rest of my friends.




June 16, 2015

I thought I would go on a little adventure to spend the day in a roost in Rennier Park. Check out the picture of me being tracked.

Finding bats requires a lot of technology!

Finding bats requires a lot of technology! Photo: C.Guy


dorothy jn 17 19June 17, 2015

I thought it would be nice to spend the day in Ormskirk Park today. My tree  overlooks the playground where I can watch the kids play, and it’s nice and open on one side so it’s easy for me to fly out to go feed at night.

June 18, 2015

It was supposed to thunderstorm today, so nobody went looking for me; they thought it might be dangerous to use antennae in the lightning. Also, they figured I would stay put for the day since it would be raining and usually bats don’t like to go out in the rain.



June 19, 2015

It didn’t thunderstorm yesterday, but I stayed in the same tree in Ormskirk Park.  I heard that one of my red bat friends was caught tonight. Isn’t she pretty?

Lasiurus borealis, red bat

Lasiurus borealis, red bat. Photo: K.Patriquin

June 20, 2015

My story ends here – I can no longer be tracked because I lost my radio-transmitter in my roost in Ormskirk Park.  If you have bats in your attic and would like to help with this research, please contact